Supplier Code of Conduct

Legal Requirement

We implement the law, rules and standards of the State, such as Employee law, environment protection law, trading law, product standards, etc.

Child Labour

No recruiting juveniles under the age of 15.

Involuntary Labour

Shall not force employees to work by resorting to violence, intimidation or illegal restriction of personal freedom; No humiliating, giving corporal punishment, beating, illegally searching or detaining employees. Employees shall have the right to be employed on an equal basis, choose occupations, obtain remuneration for their employee, take rest, have holidays and leaves, obtain protection of occupational safety and health, receive training in vocational skills, enjoy social insurance and welfare, and submit applications for settlement of employee disputes, and other rights relating to employee as stipulated by law.

Not Processing Conflict Minerals

Prevent potential human rights issues, such as forced labour, inhumane treatment, and child labour, associated with the mining of Conflict Minerals (defined as tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold) within the supply chain (occurring in countries as, the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries). If these minerals are used for processing materials than the company is required to publicly report on their use and the source of these minerals.

Health and Safety

Establish and perfect the system for occupational safety and health, strictly implement the rules and standards of the State on occupational safety and health, educate employees on occupational safety and health, prevent accidents in the process of work, and reduce occupational hazards. Facilities of occupational safety and health must meet the standards stipulated by the State. Employees to be engaged in specialized operations must receive specialized training and acquire qualifications for such special operations, e.g. driver.

Disciplinary Practices

Follow quality management standards and procedures. Employees must strictly abide by rules of safe operation in the process of their work.

Freedom of Association

Employees shall have the right to participate in and organize trade unions in accordance with the law. Trade Unions shall represent and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and independently conduct their activities in accordance with the law.


Employees shall not be discriminated against in employment, regardless of their ethnic community, race, sex or religious belief.

Working Hours

Employees shall work for no more than twelve hours a day and no more than 48 hours a week on average. Guarantee that its staff and workers have two days off in a week. Company shall arrange holidays for employees in accordance with the law during the public holidays.

Wages and Benefits

The distribution of wages shall follow the principle of distribution according to work and equal pay for equal work. Wages shall be paid monthly to employees themselves in form of currency. The wages paid to employees shall not be deducted or delayed without justification. The employing unit shall pay wages to employees who observe statutory holidays, take leaves during the periods of marriage or funeral, or participate in social activities in accordance with the law. The sources of social insurance funds shall be determined according to the categories of insurance, and an overall pooling of insurance funds from the society shall be introduced step by step. Company and employees must participate in social insurance and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the law.

Monitoring of Compliance

Our company gives good cooperation with governments’ supervision and inspection the implementation of laws, rules and regulations follow their instructions. Like annual government commercial audit, finance audit, ISO audit etc. We perform internal audit and supplier audit to monitor and eliminate the cause of actual and potential nonconformities so as to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Contractors and Suppliers

Our company builds long term relationships with its suppliers with the aim to be part of the team. We will always give its maximum involvement and trust in return for an unconditional commitment to our quality standard and continual improvement requirements.

Corrective Action

Each department is responsible for determining the causes of nonconformities, and also determining and implementing the corrective actions needed. Each department shall collect the information of potential nonconformities during daily production activities. Preventive actions shall be taken after the discussion with other relevant departments.

Environmental checklist

Follow the environment protection law not only in China but also think about the environment requirements in final destination. E.g. low Cd, AZO free, food safe, etc. One of the sustainable development goals is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. This means that resources are used wisely and waste products and pollution are minimized. Sustainable consumption is important to achieve overall development plans; reduce future economic, environmental and social costs; strengthen competitiveness and reduce poverty.

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